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Welcome to Shortwave Coffee! We are a small-batch, quality roasting company and local coffee shop just getting started in Columbia, MO. Our mission, to put it simply, is to roast and serve the best coffees in mid Missouri. As a coffee lover (or potential coffee lover), you deserve access to the highest quality coffee experience. That’s what we aim to give you.

The Shortwave Coffee name and logo (a shortwave radio tower with a coffee bean on top) pays homage to Dale Bassham’s family history of radiomen. His father worked for years repairing and maintaining the Missouri Highway Patrol’s radio antennas and towers, as did his grandfather. Dale also spent many of his formative years watching his father and grandfather take to the radio waves on shortwave, ham radios to talk with people all over the world.

For our coffee business, we’ve taken this idea of receiving and transmitting and applied it to our product. We receive the high-quality, green coffee beans that are carefully cultivated and harvested by coffee farmers, enhance the quality through specific roasting profiles that bring out the best in each coffee, and then transmit a strong product to our customers. Our coffee is sent out chock full of love and care, and it’s a difference you can taste. Receive and transmit the coffee love.

Meet the Shortwave family:

Chris Dale Bassham

Roast master, Green coffee buyer, Wholesale and Retail representative

Dale Bassham is a ten year veteran of the specialty coffee industry. He began in coffee as a part time barista in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. He worked his way up to be the manager of a Barnes and Noble Cafe for several years, then worked at a small, local shop called Grace Cafe where he immersed himself in the actual business of learning all he could about coffee preparation on a much more comprehensive level than offered in his previous employment.

In 2008, he moved to St. Louis and joined the specialty coffee roaster and retail business, Kaldi’s Coffee, where he worked as barista, trainer, customer service representative, interim shop manager and more. He gained experience in roasting and tasting coffee – and like any self-respecting barista, he fell in love with the process. In 2011, Dale moved to Columbia, Missouri, to be with his new wife, Laura, and grew to love the big small city of CoMO more everyday. In early 2013, Dale switched course and put his years of experience to good use by opening his own coffee roasting business. Then, on Feb. 14, 2014, Dale took the plunge and opened the Shortwave Coffee shop and roastery in Alley A.

His taste buds are honed to pick out quality coffee, and his goal is to pass that quality experience on to you, the customer, not only through the taste of a perfectly roasted batch of beans and cup of coffee, but also through the customer service experience. If you’d like to contact Dale, just stop by the shops or email him at dale@shortwavecoffee.com!

Laura Mazuch Bassham

Director of Marketing, Advertising and Sales

Laura moved to Columbia, Missouri, in 2005 and began working for the University of Missouri in the Department of Residential Life. She has worked in the Marketing and Strategic Communications office in Residential Life for more than three years maintaining a web, print, social media and video presence for the department.

Throughout the last three years, Laura has also learned a great deal about coffee. That’s saying a lot considering she didn’t think she even liked coffee three years ago. With the help of her knowledgeable and patient husband, Laura began to understand that what she really didn’t like was badly roasted and brewed coffee. A properly roasted and brewed cup of coffee was a delicious thing, and her passion for quality coffee was born. When Dale shared his dream of one day owning his own coffee shop and roastery, Laura immediately offered to help in any way she could.

Laura oversees the social media and web presence of Shortwave Coffee, creates all graphic elements and print items and assists in the sales and advertising for Shortwave Coffee goods and services. If you need her, just email laura@shortwavecoffee.com!

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