New things and old things and … other things!

So, we’re going to just pretend like we update this blog all the time and dive right in! Some fun things are happening at Shortwave, and I thought I’d take a moment to tell you all about them:

  1. First of all, thanks so much for your support Como! Our first few months have been awesome, and we’ve enjoyed plugging into the downtown community (and beyond – we’re looking at you PJP on Buttonwood!). Your overwhelming appreciation for our approach and our method for coffee gets us a little choked up…

    …  …   …

    OK, on to number 2…

  2. We’ve got iced drinks!! Its summer time (or will be in no time at all, anyway), and we have a bevy of iced drinks for you all. Iced lattes, mochas (made with Ozark Mountain Creamery chocolate milk … unless you need an almond milk mocha!) and vanilla  lattes – yeah we got all that. We have a made-to-order iced coffee via the Aeropress method that renders a pint glass of our  Burundi Kirema. It’s bright and lively and just the thing for the hot summer months. We are also currently beta testing a cold “shaken cappuccino.” This capp, while still being a standard 6.5 ounces, will have the froth and texture of a standard cappuccino but be whipped up with ice in a cocktail shaker. Refreshing.
  3. New methods – Speaking of the Aeropress, we have a new recipe that we’ll be featuring for the next few months that renders a 7 oz cup. It’s less intense that the previous method and just plain delicious. Also this week we are bringing the flannel brewer into our arsenal of coffee accouterments. It’s essentially a pour over method with a cloth filter. This brewer allows the texture and body of more traditional brewers like the french press but without any of the sediment – a unique method that we’re thoroughly enjoying. We can’t wait to share it with you.
  4. Shortwave Stout – In collaboration with our friends at The Broadway Brewery, we are happy to tell you about Columbia’s first native coffee beer. According to our BB friends: “The body of this beer is built using a specific mix of dark roasted malts to create a very black, yet mild body complemented by slight floral hop notes. After fermentation, 10 pounds of Shortwave’s Peruvian roast and a couple of gallons of concentrated cold brewed toddy are added.” You should get down there and try it before it’s gone!


Dale @ShortwaveCoffee

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2 Responses to New things and old things and … other things!

  1. Joe says:

    Really awesome! I tried the aeropress iced coffee, it was delicious. I have also tried the flannel brew, it was amaze-balls!

    The Shortwave Stout is pretty good too.

    You guys Rock!

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