Shortwave Coffee’s Love Letter to Columbia, MO

Hi CoMO,

My name is Chris Dale. Most people just call me Dale. My wife’s name is Laura. We love coffee. Coffee is what we do, and Shortwave Coffee is a labor of love for the product, the craft and the customer.

Near as I can figure, a coffee company needs three things to be amazing: good coffee, good customer service and a good community to plug into.

Our Coffee Offerings: Every coffee is vetted and tested before we commit to selling it and serving it to you. I don’t source green coffee based on anything other that how it tastes. Some coffees are a little more expensive; some are a little less so. All are tasty.

Our Customer Service: We are here to serve you. Need an event catered with your own personal barista? We can do that. Need a freshly roasted bag of coffee? We roast all our coffees within the week. Every week. Need a place to pick up our coffees or just want to try out a cup before committing to buying a bag? We have wholesale partners in the District that feature our coffee. Want to ask a few questions about coffee? Just email us!

Our Community:  We love Columbia.

We love that it’s agrarian and suburban and urban all rolled into one.

We love its downtown businesses, its local produce/proteins/products available at multiple farmers markets, and its outlier restaurants.

We love that it’s a ball of Red and Blue and Purple political views.

We love the radio-stations … well, most all of them.

We love its focus on providing education to students, both youngsters and collegians.

We love the excessive roundabouts. (Yeah, I said it…WHEEEEE!)

We love the average Missourian’s inability to define Columbia, and we love being townies here.

Most of all, we love that we get to serve you great coffee and show you our affection by serving you what we think is the best local offering you can get.

How could we not want to start our Roaster Works here?

We look forward to offering you the craft of finely roasted coffee. Want to take a chance on us in your home? your Restaurant? your business? Let’s have a chat over a good cup of coffee and see if we are a good fit.

I’ll bet we are.

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