We’ve got grinders!

Here we are, seven months into our journey at 915 Alley A, and things are getting caffeinated around here! We wanted to let you know a few things happening with us now, so you can be on the look out for these on your next visit to the shop.

Multiple Espresso Grinders
We are excited to let you know that we have brought a third grinder into rotation on the espresso bar! This gives you, our customers, several choices when it comes to shots. In general, we’ll have a coffee that shines in milk-based drinks and adds kick to your cappuccinos or lattes. We will also continue to have a decaf for those of you who are sensitive to the caffeine. And the third grinder allows us to highlight our new reserve offerings as a single origin espresso and showcase more interesting and wilier notes on our lever action La Victoria Arduino.

Shortwave Reserve Offerings
This is something I’m pretty psyched to share with you all. It all started last month when, on a whim, I sourced a small amount of an El Salvador, which is something even higher than our normal price point… just to test the waters and see if CoMO was down with an $18, 12 oz. bag of coffee. It turns out that you guys are into it.

These coffees are only going to be found at our shop, and they will be available in one of three ways:

  • Filter brew
  • Espresso
  • Retail bag ( purchase of the bag also includes either a hand brew or shot of espresso. )

We hope you stop in to enjoy them!

The Chai Latte
When we first partnered with Hugo Tea (a local tea purveyor), we were completely sold on the teas they feature – the teas are delicious, organic and crafted from a carefully considered vantage point. As far as I am concerned, Hugo Tea is the finest tea that we can get, which is why we offer it! When I asked him about chai, he said it was in the works and would let us know the moment it was available. That moment has come! And it is by far the tastiest chai I have ever had. Fall spices, black tea, light brown sugar notes and Ozark Mountain Creamery milk. Fall doesn’t get any better than this, friends!

Oh, and yes, we will drop an espresso in that chai if you like.

Current Coffee offerings

  • Gelena Abaya – Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Natural Process
    In the Cup: medium body, lime citrus fading into strawberry preserves as the cup cools
  • Fazenda Rainha – Brazil, Pulp Natural Processed Yellow Bourbon
    In the Cup: Peanut Buttered honey aromatics that linger, heavy body with rounded sweetness
  • Finca Chayote – Costa Rica, fully washed and sun dried
    In the Cup: Caramel and citrus and heavy sweetness round out this cup to give tons of balance, finishes with a slight bit of warm spice

Current Reserve Offering

  • Kiangoi Wet Mill – Kenya, fully washed and sun dried
    In the Cup: brown sugar and blackberry tones, aggressive body and heavy sweetness
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