Where should we go next?

We’re continually looking to expand our wholesale locations. So what does this mean for our current (and potential) customers? It means that you have more options!

You can purchase our coffee online or directly from us at our shop, as always. However, Shortwave Coffee is also available at:

  • Clovers Natural Market – Both Clovers locations carry bags AND bulk options for our coffees!

    This is what happiness looks like.

    We are excited to say that our coffee is now available at Clovers Natural Market!

  • Lucky’s Natural Market – You can find bags of our latest coffees at the Columbia, MO, Lucky’s!
  • Broadway Brewery – Order a cup of Shortwave coffee any time at Broadway Brewery. We also recently partnered with them to create the Shortwave Coffee Stout! Yummmmm…
  • Candy Factory – Our local candy purveyors here in Columbia have got an awesome chocolate/coffee basket for sale – and it features our coffee! Follow the link for details on how you can get this fabulous gift for someone you love (which is maybe yourself?).

    Photo of Candy Factory's chocolate and Shortwave Coffee basket (this is the small one - there's also a large one!)

    What’s better than coffee and chocolate (OK OK, maybe chocolate and peanut butter… but still!)


We are continually looking for ways to partner with or provide products and services to the local community, so if you have suggestions, let us know

Where would YOU like to go to get your next Shortwave Coffee fix?

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One Response to Where should we go next?

  1. Ron Haddock says:

    Thanks so much for the additional locations. Lucky’s is often a go to place for my family and its great to be able to pickup your coffee.

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